Orbit(film) is a project that uses the art of cinema to inspire the art of science and education. A collaborative, 80-minute omnibus movie about our solar system, Orbit(film) is intended for all ages, as grade-schoolers will have their interest in art and science piqued, and older generations will have their youthful love of space renewed.

In Orbit(film), every planet in our solar system is represented by a short film, each made by a different filmmaker, dealing with the science of outer space through creative and emotional storytelling and visual poetry. Some or all of the original source material will come from NASA footage, reinterpreted by each filmmaker to make a portrait of the respective planet. Non-planet films cover the sun, moon and comets. 

The finished project will be 80 minutes long. Screenings will take place at schools or colleges, or in local theaters, museums, observatories and art galleries. Special screenings will take place outside under the stars. Rental fees from screenings will go back to the original filmmakers, and reserved for future editions of Orbit(film), creating another type of orbit—funding for independent filmmakers and artists.

The series is co-produced by Mike Plante (Cinemad) and Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Rooftop Films).

Mike Plante created the series in a similar fashion as his Lunchfilm project, where he bought a filmmaker lunch and they would make a short film in trade, with the cost of the lunch as the budget and a napkin contract. Plante was the Director of Programming for the CineVegas film festival and has worked at Sundance since 2001, including four festivals as a Short Film Programmer and two fests as a consultant for their New Frontier section. He also writes the film blog Cinemad (

Mark Elijah Rosenberg is the Founder and Artistic Director of Rooftop Films, a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage and inspire diverse communities by showing movies in outdoor locations, producing new films, teaching filmmaking to young people, and renting low-cost equipment to artists and non-profits. As a curator and filmmaker, Mark's taste and work favor low-budget, personal cinema.

Mike Plante 

Mark Elijah Rosenberg

THE SUN - Brent Hoff
MERCURY - Ben Coonley
VENUS - Jessica Oreck
EARTH - Mike Plante
THE MOON - Brian Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky
MARS - Mark Elijah Rosenberg
COMETS - Deborah Stratman
JUPITER – Kelly Sears
SATURN – Michael Gitlin and Jacqueline Goss
NEPTUNE - Poseidon
URANUS - Bill Brown
PLUTO and RE-ENTRY- Travis Wilkerson

on tour to theaters, planetariums, outdoor venues, and clouds near you