Oklahoma here we come: To finish a long trip for the films on the road Orbit(film) comes to OKCMOA Dec 20:


Space Race

USSR Wins Space Race As U.S. Shuts Down Shuttle Program


Great interview at the great BLDGBLOG site with Nicholas de Monchaux about his new book, Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo.


photo by Mike Plante at NASA Houston.

Orbit Baltimore

pre-show in Baltimore

The Charles Theater lobby - great place, and already has stars in it

The old Baltimore & Ohio Railroad office bldg, complete with statue of Mercury and possibly Atlas

Thanks so much to The Maryland Film Festival: Jed, Eric, Scott and Rahne for bringing the films to Charm City.

Kickstarter Campaign / Astronaut Society launched

Success! Thanks to everyone for joining and helping us get the Orbitfilms out to theaters.

The OAAS always takes members, join and get weird space merch, like an actual call from space. Also normal things like stickers, posters, shirts and a DVD of the films. 40 mil will get you a trip to space where you can watch the films personally (DVD free at that level).

click here to see the Orbit(film) Astronaut Appreciation Society

(old link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/rooftopfilms/orbitfilm-astronaut-appreciation-society)

new poster!

kickass theatrical poster made by Our Man in Krakow -- Adrian Kolarczyk

new/old poster

When I was seven our neighbors gave us some polaroids of their trip to Cape Canaveral (I'm assuming) from years before. They were great folks - but why would you ever give up this amazing portrait??

Krakow, Poland

home of Copernicus! Unfortunately it was too rainy outside so all 4 shows were in the nice art house, ARS. The building the theater is in is older than cinema, built in the 18th century.

Most of the crowds know english, between that and the Polish subtitles, both the serious and the comedy parts seemed to work.

Copernicus went to school there in the late 1400s and started his writings, studying science in the school of arts (thus our main metaphor). However he didn't graduate!

Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX

great show outdoors under the moon:

and a NASA tour!


coming soon:
April 30, 2012. 9PM:
Fusebox Festival, Austin TX
1100 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702

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